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Website Creators
We are a boutique firm specialized in web development. Our core business is creating and hosting tailor-made websites.

We have held senior management positions in international corporations and have backgrounds in Marketing, Sales and Communications. We have the required business knowledge and experience to help in structuring and writing website content.

Thanks to our proficiency in several languages, for which we are native speakers, we design multilingual sites with high quality translations.

All our websites are tailor-made, from the choice of images to the layout, the text, and the selection of colors, fonts and backgrounds. 
Crafted & Unique
A Website That Reflects Your Values
Websites must be noticeable in a crowded competitive environment. We select visuals that help get your messages across to busy internet users. We will actively listen to your needs and your bespoke website will reflect what your firm stands for. 

We have lasting partnerships with our customers as we will typically host, maintain and update their websites over time. 

We run a lean and cost-effective operation, and as such, we offer competitive rates.

In essence we are a "one-stop-boutique" for anyone seeking to launch a quality, tailor-made and visually striking website.
Creative content in multiple languages
In an ideal world you will already have written the text to go on your website and decided how to structure the various pages and paragraphs. In practice, you might want to delegate this task to us. Based on your inputs, and after an interview for example, Studio Favum can write the content and propose the relevant structure. Having worked in business environments for many years, we are experienced content writers. 
We speak 5 languages fluently and our translations are top notch.
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A picture is worth a thousand words
A website user’s attention span lies somewhere around eight seconds. That's why we are particularly careful in our choice of visuals to complement the text. The user should understand within seconds what the website is about, the products and services being offered and the Unique Selling Proposition. The visitor should feel compelled to scroll down deeper into the website and take some sort of action (make contact, ask for a quote...). A concise and engaging text with suitable visuals will encourage the visitor to interact with you. 
Securely hosting your site
Your website will be in good hands if you choose to host with us. After all, the site is our joint creation and we will feel very protective of it!

We offer competitive annual hosting subscriptions with 2 GB of disk space, 5 email addresses and state of the art Cyber Security, speed and availability.  We can regularly update your website content if you decide to assign this task to us.  

Should you choose to host your site with another provider, we will send you the relevant data files or we can send them directly to your provider.
About Us
Favum Co. Ltd is a family-run company established in 2014, and its division, Studio Favum, specialises in website creation and hosting. The managing partners come from international backgrounds and are proficient in Slovenian, English, French, Ukrainian and Russian. 
Our General Manager
IMG_0155 copy
Nicolas Marchand
Nicolas Marchand is the Head of Studio Favum. He has held senior management positions in the printing and packaging industries and has supervised complex IT implementations across the globe. In 2014, Nicolas decided to settle down in Slovenia and started his own firm.

Creating websites initially started as a hobby as it combines several interests that Nicolas is passionate about: coding & the world of IT, design & architecture, and finally writing & translating. Nicolas is fluent in English and French. He writes novels in his spare time. 
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What our Clients Say

” I am pleased with the work done by Nicolas Marchand from Studio Favum. My website is fully customized and looks exactly as I wanted it. It has many functionalities with call-to-action buttons, contact and payment forms, and a booking calendar. I can recommend Studio Favum." 

Natali Koroleva Metaphysics Center
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” We asked Studio Favum to update the content and to structure our site differently. The layout and visuals are very appealing. During the revamp they added a French translation and our website is now available to a larger audience and is so much more professional." 

Marc Kassis InoGates, Dubai, UAE
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” Nicolas from Studio Favum helped us restructure our website. He wrote the content, in English and in French, and we are very satisfied with the outcome. We receive positive feedback from our customers who say the content is interesting and the site easy to navigate.”

Charlotte Rye Perceval Ltd, China
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” It was my first website and I wasn't really sure how to proceed. Studio Favum really advised on content and layout, chose great pictures and translated everything into 3 languages!  Studio Favum promptly updates the listings with new properties for rent and for sale."

Nataliya Nakonechna Nepremičnine, Slovenia
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